Bryony Bludd is a young female weasel who lives in Muggidrear, Welkin. Bryony is very close friends of             Montegu Sylver, Scruff and Maudlin , and is vital in helping Montegu on his detective mysteries.


Bryony is a veterinary surgeon. She helps poor mammals from the poorer places of Muggidrear for free, while she charges the rich animals of Muggidrear. This allows her to aid those in need around the city, while still getting paid to support herself.


Bryony is a very down-to-earth, sensible animal, unlike Scruff. She is also very quite intelligent, taking pleasure in helping Monty work out his mysteries. She is also hard working, spending a large amount of her time around Muggidrear while doing her job as a surgeon and also trying often to read, a thing most weasels can't do.


Bryony appears at the very start of the book Gaslight Geezers, unlike Maudlin and Scruff who appear later in the book. According to Montegu Sylver, Bryony and Monty met at a library, where they were searching for their 'family shurbs'    (a play on words of 'family trees'). They realised that they were looking through the exact same folders, the folders of Sylver's band of weasel outlaws from centuries ago. After asking each other, they found out that their ancestors were both part of that band. ==Books== Bryony appears in the Monty arc of the Welkin Weasels series, which is made up of these books:*Gaslight Geezers

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