Gaslight Geezers is the first book of the Monty trilogy, and the fourth book in the whole Welkin Weasels series.
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The first book in the Monty trilogy is Gaslight Geezers.

It's main antagonist if Sveltlana and Mayor Jeremy Poynt. The main character and protagonist is a weasel named Montegu Sylver.


Montegu Sylver is a famous weasel detective, intent on solving mysteries. Can he ferret out the truth when he learns that the anarchist Spindrick plans to blow everyone to smitherines with a fiendish bomb? Or find a lemming prince who vanishes almost as soon as he sets paw on Welkin soil? Aided and abetted by his trusty weasel companions, Monty is soon on the trail, but the time is running out - especially when he becomes a fugitive from the law...


Gaslight Geezers follows the adventures of a weasel band, Montegu Sylver, Bryony Bludd, Scruff and Maudlin. The four have to chase after the evil lemming Sveltlana, who is intent on being the dictator of a country called Slattland, stop Jeremy Poynt from harming the citizens, free a lemming prince from his captors and destroy a deadly bomb placed by Spindrick Sylver that could kill all the creatures of Muggidrear and reduce the magnificent city to rubble. Monty and his friends manage to do nearly all of this, make new friends and enemies, and save the day. For more information about Gaslight Geezers, visit the Montegu Sylver page. In the end of the book, Monty and his mustelid companions thwart the plans of their enemies and save the day.

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