Jeremy Poynt is a male stoat and the mayor of Muggidrear, the capital city of Welkin. He is a cruel, greedy antagonist in the book, a corrupt mayor who considers stoats superior to weasels and cares about money more than nearly anything, twisting the system so he can achieve more wealth.

Home Edit

Jeremy Poynt resides in a large mansion, showing his extreme wealth. He is very proud to live in such an expensive and fancy house, as seen in Heastward Ho!, when he goes to the less wealthy Montegu Sylver's house. There, he sees the smaller rooms and peeling paint, which reminds him of his superiority.

History Edit

Jeremy Poynt is descended from Prince Poynt, the royal, cruel tyrant who ruled Welkin three centuries before his birth. Thus, he had the option to continue the royal title. However, he soon realised that royalty were getting less and less wealth and power, whereas governmental leadership roles, like being mayor, were on the rise. So, he traded his royal title to become the Mayor of Muggidrear, from which he could take large sums of tax money for himself.

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