Maudlin is a male weasel and he used to be a nightwatch mammal. His closest friends, a small band of weasels,

Maudlin is the weasel on the rigging.

are solving problems and defeating enemies with him. They are Montegu Sylver, a famous detective, Bryony Bludd, a veterinary surgeon and Scruff, a scruffy but very intelligent male weasel.


It is not known exactly where Maudlin lives but it is probably in a house in Poppyville, the poorer part of Muggidrear, the capital city of Welkin. Maudlin presumably lives with his friend Scruff.


Maudlin was a nightwatch mammal and was best friends with Scruff, who used to be a lamp lighter, until he met Monty. Soon after meeting Monty and Bryony, after he and Scruff had discovered that all of their ancestors had been in Sylver's band of outlaws, they quit their jobs to work for Monty. Since then, he has been helping the band with work and joining in on their adventures. Maudlin is also an expert hollyhocker player.


Maudlin is scared quite easily. He is frightened during much of the books he is in and during all the parts with deadly action. Scruff always can't believe that Maudlin is scared, and he thinks that Maudlin is joking. Scruff's nickname for Maudlin is 'Maud'.


Maudlin appears in all of the Monty trilogy, which consists of the following books:


Maudlin has made many friends on his adventures, but his closest friends are:

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