Montegu Sylver is a famous weasel detective who works with his closest friends: Scruff, a scruffy but

Montegu Sylver.

intelligent weasel with a large sense of humor, Bryony Bludd, a kind veterinarian and Maudlin, a weasel who is expert in hollyhockers and easily afraid. He is the descendant of the famous weasel outlaw Sylver.


Montegu Sylver lives in a flat on Breadoven Street, which is in Gusted Manor. This is the rich part of Muggidrear, the capital city of Welkin. The owner of his flat, Jis McFail, is a female stoat who also acts like a housekeeper, even though she does not need to. She will often use a broom to clean up the floor, or pick up wrappers.


Montegu Sylver has been friends with Bryony Bludd for a very long

time. Once the two of them took a walk and they were attacked by geezers, a group of rough weasels, ferrets and stoats. They are helped by Scruff and Maudlin, who, when they learn that their ancestors were in Sylver's group of outlaws along with Bryony and Monty, befriend them. Monty then offers them a job as workers for him and they except. At the start of Gaslight Geezers, the two of them were discussing Monty's cousin, Spindrick Sylver. Spindrick is an infamous anarchist who is always planning to blow up parts of Muggidrear in order to cause panic, anarchy and chaos. Monty is forever chasing his cousin, trying to stop his plans. One day Monty goes for a stroll around the river Bronn. He soon discovers the dead body of a lemming. After that a female lemming called Sveltlana. After a clever trick with words, Monty discovers that she is a

killer. The rest of the book is about Monty trying to stop her, and he does with a few things. Sveltlana wanted to be the dictator of Slattland, her home country. By finding and freeing the prince of Slattland, who had been imprisoned by Sveltlana who had tricked Mayor Poynt into trapping him, the four friends, Monty, Bryony, Maudlin and Scruff sent him back home to Slattland, where he soon became the President, spoiling Sveltlana's plans. Then they heard news of Spindrick planning to blow up many iconic places in Muggidrear. Monty manages to stop the bomb with help from a group of sewer rats, saving the day.


Not much is known about Monty's family, but he does have an anarchist cousin called Spindrick Sylver and an ancient ancestor, six centuries before he was born, called Sylver. Sylver was the leader of a band of weasel outlaws.


Monty appears in all of the Welkin Weasels Monty trilogy. He is the main character and protagonist of Gaslight Geezers, Vampire Voles and Heastward Ho!, half of the whole Welkin Weasels series.

Friends Edit

Montegu Sylver has made a multitude of friends on his many adventures. One of them is Jaffer Silke, an otter. In Gaslight Geezers Monty befriends a female polecat, some hedgehog gypsies, the sewer rats and a shrew called Orgibucket, just to name a few. But Monty's closest friends are almost always with him. They are Scruff, Maudlin and Bryony Bludd. Scruff and Maudlin work for Monty, and Bryony is a veterinary surgeon.

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