Scruff is a male weasel. He is intelligent but a tad scruffy. Scruff is friends with Maudlin, and he befriends Bryony
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Scruff, the weasel on the bottom left, and Monty, the other weasel, surrounded by vampire voles.

Bludd and Montegu Sylver when he learns that they are the descendants of weasels from Sylver's band of outlaws, like Maudlin and himself. 


It is not known where Scruff lives in Muggidrear, but he used to live with his famiyly in the country. It is most likely that Scruff, and Maudlin, live in Poppyville, the poorer part of Muggidrear, the capital city of Welkin.


Scruff used to be a lamp lighter. Then one day he found Monty,
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Scruff, an ex-lamplighter.

who, once they had introduced themselves, offered him and Maudlin jobs working for him. They both excepted. Soon Bryony, Monty, Maudlin and Scruff were very close friends. Scruff helps Monty in his many adventures. In Gaslight Geezers, he and his friends chased after Sveltlana, freed a lemming prince from prison and helped stop a bomb that Spindrick placed from going off. For a while, Scruff was hypnotised to think that he was a dog, and he acted like one every now and then in the book. In Vampie Voles, Scruff also helps fix porblems and does work for Monty. In this book, Scruff maintains great confidence, even when in spooky places or surrounded by vampires and other demonic creatures. Scruff also helps the rest of the group of weasels in Heastward Ho!, solving problems with his courage and intelligence. 


Scruff is an energetic, courageous and extremely intelligent weasel. Though he jokes and plays pranks almost all of the time, and usually at or on Maudlin, Scruff also thinks that it is very unjust and cruel how Jeremy Poynt and other rich mammals live in luxury while others are extremely poor. Scruff is also loyal,
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The first book Scruff is in is Gaslight Geezers.

friendly, and, when he needs to be, frighteningly fierce.


The following are the books that Scruff appears in:


Scruff can be very friendly with many creatures, but if they are rude or hurt one of his friends, especially Maudlin, he will strike back quickly and firecely. He makes friends with most of the mammals that Montegu Sylver does, and he is also quite fond of Jaffer Silke, a kindly but tough and ragged otter. Here is a list of Scruff's closest friends:

Scruff stays with his friends most of the time.
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The second book Scruff is in is Vampire Voles.

Gaslight GeezersEdit

Scruff plays a large part in Gaslight Geezers. He has many adventures with his friends including freeing a lemming prince named Prince Miska and a smart shrew called Orgibucket, stopping the evil lemming Sveltlana from murduring many mammals and stopping a bomb placed by Spindrick Sylver.

Vampire VolesEdit

Scruff is just as important in Vampire Voles as he was in Gaslight Geezers. He remains courageous and intelligent. Scruff helped Monty and his other friends, Maudlin and Bryony, in their adventures, from finding Sveltlana's plans to uncovering a mysteroius count and uncovering an evil prince's secret plot to cover all of Muggidrear with a plague of vicious and literally blood-thirsty vampire voles.


Scruff has most of the same foes as Montegu Sylver and the other weasels in the quartet, one of them being Spindrick Sylver, Monty's cousin. He dislikes Mayor Jeremy Poynt and any animal who hurts or is unkind to Bryony, Monty, Maudlin or himself. Scruff can be very fierce to foes, and he is very hard to beat in paw to paw combat because he is quite tough and he can move almost like a snake, making fluid, smooth movements but quickly and avoiding punches and kicks thrown

Heastward Ho!, the final book in the Welkin Weasels series to include Scruff.

by the enemy. Scruff is also very quick witted. He doesn't have much respect at all for authority and he has insulted Jeremy Poynt on a few occasions.


Scruff is related to a weasel who he calls Auntie Nellie. She is very kindly to both Scruff and Maudlin, giving them good food and company. Scruff used to live with her. Scruff is also the descendant of a weasel who was in Sylver's outlaw band of weasels. The weasel was named Scirf and he was very similar to Scruff. Scirf was intelligent, courageous and humourous. Scirf lived six centuries before Scruff. One of the reasons that Scruff made friends with Bryony Bludd and Montegu Sylver was because all of their ancestors were in Sylver's band. Maudlin's ancesor was also in the band of outlaws.


It seems that Scruff likes giving his weasel companions nicknames. He often calls Maudlin 'Maud', and Montegu Sylver 'Monty'. Bryony also often calls Montegu 'Monty', along with Maudlin.

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