Vampire Voles is the fifth book in the Welkin Weasels series, and the second book of the Monty trilogy. The main character and protagonist of the book is a weasel detective called Montegu Sylver.
Welkin weasels 3681-1


Muggidrear, the capital city on the island of Welkin, is in danger of becoming a vampire colony! Ghostly ships are arriving from Slattland, filled with coffins, and the vampire voles are becoming a real pain in the neck. Even the Mayor's sister, Princess Sybil, has been bitten.

Montegu Sylver, the famous weasel detective, suspects that someone is deliberately sending the vampires across the seas to destroy Welkin for ever. With his trusty companions, he sets out for Slattland, determined to find - and destroy - their master. And to make matters worse, the anarchist Spindrick has a fiendish plot of his own - to put the whole city to sleep so he can wreak havoc.

Will Monty come whisker to whisker with the evil master vampire? And can he stop Spindrick before his plans get completely out of paw?

Summary Edit

Vampire voles are all over Muggidrear, the capital city of Welkin, biting mammals and turning them into vampires! Monty soon discovers that the vampire voles are being shipped into Muggidrear from Transylvladia in Slattland, when an unmammaled ship comes into a Muggidrear port. There are coffin-shaped containers inside, and Lord Haukin declares that they hold cricket pads. Scruff accidentally breaks one open, and he is shocked to discover it full of grave dirt. Montegu and his friends, Bryony Bludd, Scruff and Maudlin, travel to Slattland to investigate. Along with two performing lemmings they meet in Slattland, they explore the country, until they discover the one who they think is the one flooding Muggidrear with vampires. Count Flistagga. Count Flistagga is a cruel, vampiric stoat who has murdered many mammals, for hundreds of years. After a long and difficult chase, where Count Flistagga teases and mocks Monty for being a less agile, mortal creature, Count Flistagga is finally vanquished, when he falls from the roofs of Muggidrear onto a sharp, pointy object which pierces his heart. The quartet of weasels finally return home, just in time to save a group of stoats, including Princess Sybil, at a fancy party, from a poisonous fume coming from some potted plants. The four weasels throw the plants out the window, thwarting Spindrick's evil plan. Even though she was saved by the weasels, Princess Sybil held a grudge against the weasels, for the pots they shattered where priceless pots from the Mole Dynasty.  

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